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I Searching Vip Sex Femm looking for long term

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Femm looking for long term

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And the most green eyes ive ever seen in my life.

Age: 44
Relationship Status: Not important
Seeking: I Searching Dating
City: Baltimore, MD
Hair: Redhead
Relation Type: Shy Guy Seeking Same For Fwb Ltr Or

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Top definition.

A gender identity in which someone female, male or foor has an awareness of cultural standards of femininity and actively embodies a feminine appearance, femm looking for long term, or archetype. It is usually more accentuated compliment to girls intentional than a straight female gender identity or gender presentation and often challenges standards of femininity through exaggeration, parody or transgression of gender norms.

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To actively embody a femme identity or gender presentation. OR a woman dolling herself up for a hot date--lipstick, heels and femm looking for long term needing older dad to go out with her girlfriend who doesn't really care if she dresses up, but who will be the subject of jealous glances all night because of it. OMG that shirt is soo femme! OR that punk femm looking for long term who may be wearing an outfit entirely from the little boy's section of Marshallsbut who looks more girly in a kid size 10 tee-shirt, ripped jeans and chucks than some women manage to do in their skirts and heels.

Someone who identifies as being feminine or embodies a lot of traditionally feminine characteristics. It's a common misconception that all femmes are passive or submissive.

I heard he's a metrosexual.

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She's a total domme. Eva's girl is a high maintenace femme.

A femme is submissive and will most likely have a stud or butch girlfriend. Can't nobody tell she's a lesbian because she a femme.

A rendition of the term feminine. Loosely defined to mean an attractive young female.

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Sounds cute, as they are. Oh snaplook at that femme over there! Whatever, this femme over here has a nicer smile!

A lesbian who looks feminine. She is a femme lesbian.

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She likes lipstick and she's not interested in men. Deetsing The President The Gouch Twat Marzia Spaffing Zoe Laverne HAGS RAOBJ Spastic Eagle